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Kids First Skis

Kid’s First Skis – Learning to ski is so much fun!

Little Ones Will Love Skiweb Plastic Skis & Poles

kids skis

Little ones love to ski and have fun in the snow! Get them on the slopes as soon as they can walk, they will amaze you! Buy Skiweb Kids Plastic Skis 
Kids just love the snow and getting them to learn to ski early will let them enjoy the slopes for many years to come. The earlier they start the easier it is. We have seen children as young as 14 months take to skiing. Check this little one out  ….  Amazing!  They have no fear and their low balance gives them a great advantage to adults learning to ski.
Downhill skiing is a lifelong sport. While you can learn at any age, kids have the advantage of being flexible, nimble and relatively fearless. Most ski schools will teach children as young as age 3. With good instruction, many kids can ski independently on a beginner slope in just a few days.
I learnt to ski at 36 and my son started at 3, guess who is the best skier!  He is now 17 and skiing is part of his social world with most of his friends also skiing. It’s a fantastic holiday experience with long days on the slopes followed by even more fun in the evenings.

Customer Review :
My daughter loves these skis! She is 22 months and both my husband and I are avid skiers – so we wanted to get her comfortable on skis ASAP so we can get her on the real mountains when she is ready. These are great for little ones to get a feel for having 2 sticks strapped to their feet. We just went to our local park and pulled her along the pathway and she seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. These will be great for the next year of learning before hitting the real slopes.
Using Skiweb plastic skis on small slopes and hills will let your child get ready for the ski slopes while having fun.
These tiny skis and light weight and can be taken anywhere.
Use them in place of a sledge for some perfect snow fun.

Skiweb Kid’s Plastic Skis Details – BUY NOW 

Plastic Skis 70cm Long With Rounded Tips

  • No metal edges
  • Flexible binding with webbing straps to hold boot in place
  • Matching Metal poles
  • Scales in centre of base for grip
  • Use with most snow boots or shoes
  • Suitable for Age 2 – 4
  • Use with any soft ski boot to give little ones confidence on little hills
  • The set consists of plastic skis & matching poles

Safety Tip 

Ski Helmets
Kids should wear ski helmets at any age on any slope or hill. They offer protection from falls and collisions with other skiers or boarders. Helmets are much warmer than hats, and worn with a balaclava they will keep warm all day long. You can rent helmets at most ski areas and some resorts it is compulsory for children to wear helmets.

Even using our first skis, start them as you mean to go on and introduce a helmet immediately.