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Kids Learning To Snowboard

Kids First Snowboarding Days

Skiweb Plastic Snowboard can give them confidence on hills before they get to the slopes .  Just get them out there so they can enjoy the snow!

All Kids love the snow and introducing them to snowboarding at a young age will enhance their fun in the snow. The sooner they ride the powder the better!
It’s a time for fun with friends on the powder covered slopes and a great outdoor activity for all the family. Children can learn to snowboard at a young age and getting them into a snowboard lesson will certainly give them a great start.  Most classes start at age 7 but if you can get them on some small hills before that it will give them the edge. Using a plastic snowboard on hills and basic areas to get them used to the board and finding their feet.

Skiweb’s snowboard is perfect for learning with plastic binding making it easy to use with most snow boots so you go grab this board any time.  If the snow comes you are ready go. It’s time to get them out there learning the basics and having fun!

Keep them warm and make it fun and they will love every second. What child doesn’t love the snow? Get your walking boots on and take them up and down that hill!

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Tips For Snowboarding With Kids

Kids boards usually range from 90cm to 146cm in length. Our board is 95cm making it easy to learn on. The smaller the board the easier it is to control.

Make sure children are taught on appropriate terrain. Always start on easy terrain where they will build confidence and technique. A small hill is perfect.

Before the take their first run you need to find which foot should be forward. A snowboard stance is either “regular” (which is left foot forward) or “goofy” (right foot forward). To decide, have your child run and slide on the snow and watch his or her foot position. Or have your young snowboarder stand with both feet together (on a step or side walk). Tell them to start walking and note which foot they step with first. Don’t tell them the names of the stances until you determine their lead foot.

Be Safe!  Make sure your child always wears a helmet, no matter how basic the hill or slope start them as you mean to go on. Skiweb suggest a helmet is worm at all times.

Be Warm! Good gloves and frequent stops will make the day better

Be Happy!  Make it fun! Enjoy teaching your child it’s a life time skill they will appreciate for ever