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Skiweb Ski Carrier – The Ski Carrier For All The Family

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“Skis may be gracefully functional on your feet, but they are very awkward in your arms!”  

Skiweb Ski Carrier makes light work of carrying skis and poles. Yes that’s right Skis and Poles most ski carriers only carry skis, using Skiweb you carry your whole kit like a shoulder bag, so you are totally hands free.  This makes walking in ice and snow safe and easy.

There are not many skiers I know that actually enjoys carrying their skis. They are heavy and difficult to carry unless you are a strong man with big shoulders.

Skiweb is a vertical ski and pole carrier distributes the weight of the skis down the body making them feel very light and keeping them in line with you. With no protruding skis behind you, you have total balance making it easy to walk anywhere with your skis and poles.

Our new improved connection loop makes what was easy even easier! Everyone can use Skiweb it won’t let you down and because it’s only 14cm long and weighs just 50 grams it fits in your pocket when skiing, ready to use at any time.

Skiweb is the essential accessory for all skiers. If you are skiing as a family you will really appreciate Skiweb.  It makes it easy to carry many set of skis and poles and if you are someone that ends up carting your kid’s or wife’s skis around Skiweb will make it easy to carry multi sets of skis and poles.

Children’s Hand Held Skiweb Ski Carrier is great to encourage little ones in to the habit of carrying their own kit. It’s a small compact hand held carrier which kids will find this easier to hold plus adults can carry multi sets over the shoulder and in the hand.

Who had thought we could make something so simple even simpler. Skiweb is simply the best ski and pole carrier you will ever use. Give it a try you will wonder how you ever managed without it. It’s the must have ski gadget for all the family.

Skiweb makes life easy on the slopes, simply wrap strap and go!  Our award winning Ski Carrier straps has been on the market for 12 years and sells all over the world, customers call it, “Assume, Brilliant, A life saver!”

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Don’t wait until you get to the slopes and suffer another trip carting your skis around BUY NOW!
Once you try it you will never look back!